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Edfo: Startup IT Services Specialist

We have a unique expertise in dealing with startups and managing stacks.


Mobile Apps

Mobile is Ubiquitous

Android Apps

Android is everywhere from cars, phones, wearables to drones. Android already being one big sensation is taking over the world of mobiles. Its ought to be an essential platform for any company.

IOS Apps

iOS, although maintaining a stature of a premium platform is spreading everywhere. iOS has the highest paying customers and the best mobile eco system among its competitors. Your platform is never complete without an iOS app.


There are more Javascript developers than any other language or platform. Hybrid platforms have evolved immensely into a robust system having native like performance. Hybrid app development saves time and money which is critical for a startup.


Good old web and evolving


Javascript is an ugly language. AngularJS made it super beautiful. We love AngularJS. Its the core part of our team in all departments. We have an exceptional team for AngularJS projects.


Javascript is everywhere and NodeJS is the biggest platform for Javascript developers to write and share same code base on server and client. Oh, did we mention that its exceptionally scalable and highly concurrent platform!

Other Web Platforms

The traditional but very mature platform. You can build any system on these platforms as both are highly scalable. We have been working on these since we started. And yeah, thats more that five years!


To Scale Infinitely

Docker / Apache Mesos

Docker took IT pros by storm. Managing infrastructure was never so easy and fun. We have experts in Docker deployment at scale. We can design, maintain and scale the entire infrastructure of the app backend.

Nginx / HAProxy / Apache

Nginx is one of the fastest and widely used Reverse proxy in the web. We have a top to bottom experience on it and can configure highly scalable servers with any of the above servers.

Windows / Unix Infrastructure Automation

Automation is the key to scaling. We can automate code deployments, unit testing, continuous integration, code review and error management. Automation saves you time, money and most importantly ensures a flawless experience for your users.



Transparency in Project Management is the key. You know who is working on the project and the time spent.


All applications developed at our end are deliverable on a daily basis. We provide CI to all the apps.


Unit testing helps you solve unforeseen issues early in product development.


Most critical for any modern application. We design apps with beautiful experience.


We optimize performance from day one, using caching and other optimizing techniques.


We aim nothing less than Perfection. We put in special efforts to ensure that your product has the best quality and functions flawlessly.


Your user's security is paramount for you. We put that in the top of our list.


We believe in maintaining long relationships. We provide dedicated support & maintenance services to keep your business up and running.


These three pillars of our vision are the key foundation of Edfo. Our vision makes us what we are, an exciting workplace, a technologically leading company & an exceptional service provider.

Edfo is a playground where people love what they do.

It is our belief that people work efficiently when they thoroughly enjoy whatever they do. Our constant endeavour is to improve the workspace for our employees such that they love working here and it no longer remains a workplace but a fun place.


Edfo is a pinnacle where we believe in staying a step ahead in Technology.

This is our primary goal of not becoming the dinosaurs of IT. We constantly invest in new and upcoming technologies to provide our clients as well as to employees, an edge in the ever so fast moving market.


Edfo is an organisation where we believe in delivering nothing less than Excellence in Work.

Every other company claims this but few really deliver. Our work speaks for us, and we have proved that over and over again. Perfection and excellence is something which we breathe in every work.